The basis of the scenario generator is a network of computer stations that are used to control various units in an offshore scenario. The master station(s) control the scenario while the others control their designated marine or aerial unit. The scenarios are normally based on emergencies involving offshore oil installations and attended by a variety of surface and air units, however the scenario generator can quite easily accommodate almost any configuration of surface or aerial units and the scenarios can reflect the type of units involved. All scenarios are conducted in real time and in geographically correct locations.
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Scenarios depicting actual oilfield complexes can be programmed in minutes by the owner/operator therefore there are no additional operating costs. The stations are linked by various virtual communications systems including multi channel VHF and MF with basic GMDSS functions. If required virtual talkbacks can also be incorporated to allow for internal unit communications. Depending on their function stations can have full anti collision radar, basic relative radar displays or no radar.
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